Bologna, the perfect destination for incoming.

Bologna, known as the “Learned”, “Fat”, and “Red” city, is famous for its culture (home to the world’s first Western university), cuisine (world-renowned), and art (passed through by Dante, Petrarch, Nicolaus Copernicus, and hundreds of artists).

Still relatively unknown but with growing tourism, it’s a city waiting to be discovered and a novelty for corporate trips.

In this condition, we offer our tourist packages, trade fairs, events, leisure, and learning experiences that are the foundation of our incentive concept.

A novelty waiting to be discovered.

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EF Incoming - Bologna

General informations

Discover Bologna, the city of art, culture, food, and motors, with our incentive packages. Our packages include accommodations, pick-up, dining, meeting and conference rooms for up to 100 participants, and a range of unique experiences with the stunning city as the backdrop.

Bologna has so much to offer as a destination for incentive travels: it is the main hub of Italy, a city of gastronomy, art, culture and motors. With us, who experience Bologna daily, you can live unique experiences, with a selection of activities chosen from the best providers in the city.

Art, History, and Culture

Since ancient times, Bologna has been an important trading center for the ancient Romans, but it was in the Middle Ages that it became a city of merchants and artisans.

Famous for its numerous towers, it has hosted illustrious characters and still retains its medieval spirit of the past.

Today, you can still walk under the arcades, which are candidates to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and admire the perfectly preserved buildings.

It’s a city rich in museums, art collections, and unexpected archaeological sites.

For a long time, the capital of Italian singer-songwriter music, it still retains a mysterious charm for emerging young artists and established figures.

In our offer, you will find the best tailor-made routes to discover and experience Bologna at its best.

Food and Gastronomy

Italian cuisine is certainly the most famous in the world, eating well and drinking good wine is a prerogative of every Italian. Bolognese cuisine embodies the tradition of Italian gastronomy with its simple but ingenious soul, with quality raw materials and excellent wine from the surrounding countryside. Bologna is full of excellent restaurants from the best Italian chefs.

By choosing to organize your incentive trip with our experts, you will be able to taste the Bolognese delicacies from the best suppliers carefully selected from a wide range of offers.


It’s impossible to talk about Bologna without mentioning its extensive tradition of luxury cars and motorcycles.

The business of cars and engines is not just reserved for buyers, but it attracts curious fans from all over Italy and the world to attend sporting events and visit museums of the most important brands and test drive cars on the Enzo and Aldo Ferrari International Circuit in Imola.


The variety of the landscape offered in Emilia Romagna allows you to find relief and recreation in hills and mountains, and entertainment and nightlife by the sea, in the famous Romagna Riviera, just a short distance from the center of Bologna.

Just outside the city there are various types of nature experiences for green, trekking, mountain walks, and rafting enthusiasts.

The most famous walk in Bologna is the Via Degli Dei, which starts from Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and ends at Piazza della Signoria in Florence. The entire journey requires several days of walking but there is the possibility of doing only one stage, immersed in nature, stopping then to eat and sleep in typical shelters of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

We have the opportunity to reserve the best green and relaxing experiences to fully enjoy the participants’ journey.

New tourist destination

Bologna has a large international airport and is strategically central to other Italian tourist destinations.

It’s train connections are also very fast. This is why in recent years tourism has skyrocketed in the city, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors who stay for at least 3 nights in the Emilia-Romagna capital.

Despite becoming very popular, it retains prices of the past, making it an ideal destination even as a base for visiting other cities that can be reached in a day (Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan…).

The business tourism, congress and trade fair, has also found a new destination in the city of Bologna.

Every year, we welcome numerous international events.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we build customized packages based on the client’s requests and needs.

We have meeting and conference rooms that can accommodate up to 100 participants. However, there is no actual limit to the number of participants.

Yes, we are a recognized Tour Operator and as such, we comply with all legal obligations including insurance and safety regulations