About us

In every journey, the true discovery begins with the people who lead the way.

We are an agency specialized in organizing incentive trips for foreigners, characterized by a team of passionate and competent professionals. Our goal is to offer travel experiences that go beyond ordinary tourism, taking you to discover the hidden wonders and lesser-known treasures of Bologna and Rome.

Our in-depth knowledge of these cities allows us to create tailor-made itineraries that will take you unusual and fascinating corners, far away from the traditional tourist routes. Whether it’s a walk through the historic streets of Bologna to discover its culinary secrets, or an adventure in the ancient streets of Rome, where history and beauty blend into a timeless experience, our team knows how to surprise you and give you unforgettable moments.

We firmly believe that an incentive trip should be an experience that stimulates the mind and enriches the spirit, while providing an opportunity to strengthen team bonds and celebrate corporate achievements in a unique and stimulating environment. For this reason, each of our packages is designed to be as engaging and personalised as possible, ensuring an exclusive experience tailored to each group.

Choosing our agency means relying on industry experts who bring passion, knowledge, and attention to detail to every aspect of your trip. From your first contact to your return home, we will look after you and make sure that every moment you spent in our cities is perfect.

We invite you to discover with us the most unusual and fascinating places in Bologna and Rome, for a journey that will remain etched in your heart and in your memory.

Welcome to the journey of your dreams. Welcome aboard.