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Your incentive trip to Bologna

Bologna: perfect for your incentive trip

Bologna enchants with its authenticity and the richness of its cultural, gastronomic, and historical heritage, making it the perfect destination for incoming visitors.

Why an incentive trip to Bologna is the perfect solution?

Known as “la Dotta” (the Learned) for its ancient university, “la Grassa” (the Fat) for its unparalleled culinary tradition, and “la Rossa” (the Red) for the vibrant colors of its buildings and its lively spirit, Bologna offers an irresistible mix of culture, history, and taste that makes it unique in the Italian landscape.

The beating heart of the city, with its historic towers, lively squares, and kilometers of charming porticoes, invites endless exploration, with surprises around every corner. Bologna is a city to be discovered: from the bustling local markets to the quiet osterias where time seems to have stopped, to the museums full of artistic and historical treasures.

Beyond its cultural heritage, Bologna stands out for the warm hospitality of its people, who make every visit a welcoming and authentic experience. The city invites its guests to live at the pace of the locals, discovering culinary secrets handed down through the generations and immersing themselves in its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.
For those seeking a travel experience that combines culture, history, art, and exceptional gastronomy, Bologna is undoubtedly a must-visit destination, capable of offering unforgettable moments and surprising even the most demanding traveller.

Bologna: between art, history, and culture

Since ancient times, Bologna has been an important trading centre for the ancient Romans, but it was in the Middle Ages that it gained prominence as a city of merchants and craftsmen.

Famous for its countless towers, it has hosted illustrious personalities and still preserves the medieval soul of the past.
Even today, you can walk under the porticoes, nominated to become a UNESCO Heritage Site, and admire the perfectly preserved buildings.

It is a city rich in museums, art collections, and unexpected archaeological sites.
For a long time, it was the capital of Italian singer-songwriter music, and even today, it retains a mysterious charm for emerging young artists and established figures.

In our offer, you will find the best tailor-made itineraries to discover and experience Bologna at its best.

Food and Gastronomy

Bologna is universally recognized as the gastronomic capital of Italy, a title that attracts food lovers from all over the world to discover the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine. The beating heart of Emilia-Romagna, the city is famous for its quality ingredients, traditional dishes, and a culinary culture handed down from generation to generation.

Bolognese cuisine is renowned for its rich and hearty recipes, ranging from the famous tagliatelle al ragù, better known outside Italy as “Bolognese,” to tortellini in broth, as well as mortadella and superior quality cured meats.

Bologna’s historic osterias, local markets, and artisan shops offer an immersive experience of taste and tradition, allowing visitors to taste and learn directly from the producers and chefs who keep the local cuisine alive. In addition, the city and its surroundings are rich in wineries that produce excellent wines, and offer tastings that combine the best of regional wine production with typical dishes.

Visiting Bologna means embarking on a sensory journey to discover authentic flavors, in an environment where food is not just nourishment but a true element of sharing and culture. For lovers of good food and wine, Bologna is a destination not to be missed, a place where food and wine reach internationally recognized heights of excellence.

The Italian Motor Valley

Bologna is the beating heart of the Itlay’s legendary Motor Valley, a region that boasts an extraordinary concentration of world-renowned car and motorcycle brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ducati. The area is renowned for its excellence in engineering and automotive design, as well as for the passion and innovation that characterize the sector.

For an incentive trip, Bologna and its surroundings offer a unique experience: from the opportunity to visit museums dedicated to the history of cars and motorcycles, to factory tours where one can closely admire the production phases of these legendary machines. It is also possible to take part in driving experiences on famous circuits, where you can feel the adrenaline of driving luxury supercars or take part in international motoring events.

The Motor Valley is not only a journey through the history of motoring, but also an immersion in the culture and innovation that have made Italy famous in this field, offering visitors the opportunity to experience up close the Italian passion for speed and design at first hand.


In addition to its cultural, gastronomic, and industrial wealth, Bologna is also reveals itself as a surprisingly attractive destination for nature lovers and hikers. Situated in a privileged position at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, it offers immediate access to a varied natural landscape, characterized by gently rolling hills, green parks, and hiking trails that invite you to explore nature.

The city itself is surrounded by numerous parks and gardens where visitors can enjoy moments of relaxation in the greenery, but it is in the immediate hinterland that Bologna shows its greener side. The surrounding hills, which can be easily reached by short bus or train journeys, offer hiking and walking routes suitable for all levels of experiencefrom easy walks with panoramic views of the city and the valley to more challenging routes that take in the woods and natural parks of the Apennines.

These natural areas are a paradise for hikers, with well-marked trails through varied and spectacular landscapes, from dense forests to mountain ridges, from ancient villages to hidden waterfalls. In addition to hiking, these areas offer opportunities for mountain biking, climbing, and, in the winter months, snow sports in some of the Apennine resorts.

The possibility of alternating visits to the city with days exploring the surrounding nature makes Bologna a complete destination for incentive travel, capable of satisfying a wide range of interests and offering an authentic immersion in the variety and beauty of the Italian landscape.

New Tourism destination for incentive trip

Bologna has a large international airport and is fortunate to be strategically located for other Italian tourist destinations .

Its train connections are also very fastThat’s why in recent years the city has seen a surge in tourism, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors who stay at least 3 nights in the Emilian capital.

Despite its growing popularity, the city has kept its old prices, making it an ideal base for visiting other cities that can be reached in a day (Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan…).

Business tourism, including conferences and trade fairs, has also found a new destination in the city of BolognaEvery year we host numerous events of international importance.

These are just some of the reasons why you should choose Bologna for your incentive trip; there are many more to discover. Contact us to find out more.