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Incentive trip proposal

The basic package includes

Looking for incentive travel ideas for your company? Our packages are fully customizable and include incredible experiences.


Accommodation for 3 nights in hotel with breakfast. Availability of double rooms and, upon request, single and double single use (DUS) rooms. Breakfast always included.


5 meals (lunch and dinner), of which at least 2 are of the typical tradition of the city of stay. Welcome aperitif with platters of cold cuts and cheeses and typical local wine.


4 activities to choose from among tourist experiences based on the company’s interests and the needs of the incentive trip

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms equipped with projector and/or TV screen, set up theater-style, boardroom style, or with a large meeting table. Coffee break and light lunch in the room.

Pick up

Pick up to and from the airport/station upon arrival and departure of the group. Transfers for participation in experiences.


Presence, including in foreign languages, of a member of our staff as support and guide who will act as a point of reference for the entire duration of the stay.

Enter the World of Incentive Travel with EF Incoming

Welcome to the vibrant world of incentive travel, a unique and extraordinarily effective way to motivate and reward corporate staff.

At EF Incoming, specialists in creating unforgettable travel experiences, we strongly believe in the power of travel as an incentive tool.

What Are Incentive Trips?

“Incentive travel is travel offered to employees or teams as a reward for achieving specific business objectives.

They are not simply pleasure trips; they are carefully curated experiences designed to stimulate motivation, build team cohesion, and celebrate success in a memorable way.

With destinations ranging from cultural wonders to adventures in exotic adventures, incentive trips are designed to be transformative experiences.

What Are They For?

The primary aim of incentive trips is twofold: firstly, to act as a powerful motivational tool, pushing employees to exceed their limits in exchange for a truly unique reward. Secondly, they help to build a sense of belonging to the company, boosting morale and job satisfaction through memorable shared experiences.

These trips provide an opportunity to get away from the daily grind in a stimulating and relaxing environment, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.

Why Opt for an Incentive Trip?

Choosing an incentive trip means investing in your employees’ personal and professional development.

Research shows that experiential rewards, such as trips, have a much greater impact on employee motivation and loyalty than traditional bonuses.

An incentive trip sends a strong message about the value the company places on individual and team contributions and fosters a positive and results-oriented culture.