EF Incoming Incentive Travel Tour
EF Incoming Incentive Travel Tour
EF Incoming Incentive Travel Tour


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bologna & rome

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EF Incoming - tour operator
EF Incoming - tour operator

Be amazed and excited.

We believe that cities should be discovered in their most curious and hidden aspects.

It is for this reason that we do not offer standard and repeated experiences, always the same for every tourist.

We want you to see the city through our eyes.
The eyes of those who see the city and live it every day.

Why an incentive trip with us?

We make your goals come true
Goals First

Your business goals are our focus, the incentive is the means we use to achieve them.

Unique tailor-made experiences

A city rich in resources, with ancient traditions and decades of history.
Whether they are culinary, educational or curious, our experiences are always unique and tailor-made for you.

Local Experts

All our staff are fully familiar with the area and what it has to offer, the people you will interface with are highly specialised and competent in their role and will give you an incredible experience.

Dedicated account on site

You will have a person who will follow you through the whole process and will be permanently at your disposal to meet your needs and solve all kinds of situations.

Selected Quality

All our suppliers, from hotels to transport, are selected from among the best and most quoted in the city.

Nothing to chance

Our organization is impeccable and our work speaks for itself. We are proud of the results obtained and you will be amazed.

Our experiences by sector

We can take you to the heart of the city's culture through unique experiences
and customised to satisfy every desire and curiosity.

Art, history and culture

The works of art, historical routes and the entire cultural setting that the city offers provide an unforgettable experience. The works of art, historical routes and the entire cultural framework that the city offers provide an unforgettable experience. Discover with us the wonders of Bologna and Rome.

Food and gastronomy

Bolognese cuisine embodies the tradition of Italian gastronomy with its simple but ingenious soul, with quality raw materials and excellent wine from the countryside


Bologna combines the wonder of its hills with trekking and high-altitude walks with the fun of the Romagna Riviera. Green, relaxing and fun experiences just a few steps away.


It is impossible to talk about Bologna without mentioning the extensive tradition of luxury cars and motorbikes. You will be able to attend sporting events, visit the museums of the most important brands and do car tests on the track.


Entertainment, events, parties, concerts both indoor and outdoor follow one another without pause. Hundreds of events await you in a cosmopolitan city famous for its university and nightlife.


Classroom activities with top trainers who will engage, excite and provide a quality training moment. Whether it is marketing or tortellini we have the right professional.

First time
in Bologna?

City Information

Bologna as a destination for incentive travel has so much to offer: the main hub of Italy, a city of gastronomy, art, culture and engines.

With us, who savor Bologna every day, you can live unique experiences, with a selection of activities chosen from the best suppliers in the city.

Incoming Tour Bologna e Roma
Incoming Tour Bologna e Roma
Incoming Tour Bologna e Roma
Incoming Rome - Pantheon
Incoming Rome - Pantheon
Incoming Rome - Pantheon

First time
in Roma?

City information

Rome, the Eternal City, is a city full of history, culture and natural beauty.

It offers a wide range of unique experiences that can be customised to meet the needs of the most demanding travellers.

Its reputation as a university and nightlife city, together with its typical restaurants and clubs, make Rome an ideal destination for companies seeking to engage and motivate their employees.

In summary, Rome offers a wide range of options for incentive travel, including cultural, gastronomic and leisure experiences, as well as high quality facilities and a vibrant nightlife.